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Lim, Hyun Lak (1963-)


1987   Graduated from Collage of Fine Arts, Seoul National University, Rep. of Korea (B.F.A)

1994   Graduated from Graduated School of Fine Arts, Seoul National University, Rep. of Korea (M.F.A)

Solo Exhibitions

2015   Gallery Bundo, Daegu, korea

2014   Gallery Aso, Daegu, Korea

2013   Art Factory Seoul, Seoul, Korea

2011   Bongsan Art Center, Daegu, Korea

2010   Lexus Galley, Daegu, Korea

2007   Gallery Bundo, Daegu, Korea

2003   Gallery Hyundai / Window Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2003   Gallery of Changdong Art Studio, Seoul, Korea

2002   Kumho Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea

2002   Gallery Wooduk, Seoul, Korea

2001   Gallery Artside, Seoul, Korea

1999   Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea

1998   Arko Art Center, Seoul, Korea

1996   Gallery Boda, Seoul, Korea

Selected Group Exhibitions

2016   'Made in Korea'(Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, France)

2015   ‘Jump into the Unknown’ Collateral Event for the 56th International Art Exhibition, Venice Biennale (Palazzo             

           Loredan dell’Ambasciatore, Venice, Italy)

           Art Busan (Studio AKKA, BEXCO, Busan, Korea)

2014   Seeing & Beeing (Space k, Daegu, Korea)

           Korea International Art Fair (KIAF/14, COEX, Seoul, Korea)

           Ashamed and a crowd of people in a beautiful house (Gansong Foundation of Culture, Ara Art Center, Seoul, Korea)

           Since the stroke (Chosun Ilbo Art Museum, Seoul, Korea)

2013   ‘Body, being here’ (Daegu Art Museum, Daegu, Korea)

           Daegu Art Fair/2013 (Exco, Daegu, Korea)

           Spirit of Korean Painting (Gallery Ibae, Busan, Korea)

2012   ‘Riverside Rhapsody’ - Gangjeong Daegu Contemporary Art Festival (Gangjeong, Daegu, Korea)

           Sky of Winnan, Wind of Daegu (Yuan Xiao Cen Art Museum, Kunming, China)

           ‘Wind’-from Nagasaki (Kyungpook National University Museum of Art, Daegu, Korea)

2011   Capturing Contemporary Art (Esya gallery, Daegu, Korea)

           Wind from east (PNU Art Center, Pusan, Korea)

2010   Art Road 77 - The Discovery of the 11 Artists (Art Factory etc. Paju heiri, Korea)

           Digital ArTexModa 2010 (Kyungpook National University Museum of Art, Korea)

           Daegu Art Fair/2010 (Exco, Daegu, Korea)

2009  Wonderful Pictures (Il-min Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea)

           Public Art 2009 - Running City (Daegu City, Korea)

           Contemporary Transformation in Korean Painting (Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea)

           Similarity & Non Similarity (Brick Hall, Nagasaki, Japan)

2008   Korean Cultural Center UK Opening Ceremony, Installation-Tea Music/Da-ak (Korean Cultural Center, London, UK)

           ‘The painters of East Asia’ (Korean Cultural Center, Sanghai, China)

           ‘Uprising of the images’-Art in Daegu 2008 (KT&G, Daegu, Korea)

           ‘Hangul come into bloom’ (The National Institute of Korean Language, Seoul, Korea)

2007   ‘The wind of a basin’-Art in Daegu 2007 (Daegu City, Korea)

           ‘The wind is rising’/Multi-performance Project of Art (Theater Bundo, Daegu, Korea)

2006   Art Rotterdam 2006 (Canvas International Art, Rotterdam, Netherlands)

           Aestheticism & Communication (Kyungpook National University Museum of Art, Daegu, Korea)

           A breath of nature, A song of life – Indian Ink Painting of 4 Artists (Gallery Bundo, Daegu, Korea)

           Sounding around the 38N - Contemporary Art from North and South Korea

           (Canvas International Art, Amsterdam, Netherlands)

           Installation Project - Tea Music/Da-ak (French Institute Alliance Francais Florence Gould Hall, New york, USA / CINARS 2006,

           Monument National, Montreal, Canada / Seonjae Art Center, Seoul, Korea)

2005   A Parallel History (Cyan Museum of Art, Yeungcheon, Korea)

           Performing Arts Market in Seoul - Tea Music/Da-ak (The National Theater of Korea, Seoul, Korea)

2004   ‘Chuimsae’-The Project of National Museum of Contemporary Art (Sori Art Center, Jeonju, Korea)

           The Spirit of Korean (Art Park, Seoul, Korea)

2003   Aesthetics of Deviation - A Brush Stroke (Kongpyung Art Center, Seoul, Korea)

           Inaugural Exhibition of Changdong Art Studio (Changdong Art Studio, Seoul, Korea)

           Installation Project - ‘Dongdasong’ (The National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts, Seoul, Korea)

2002   New Millennium of Korean Painting (Kongpyung Art Center, Seoul, Korea)

           Painting Expression in Japan and Korea (Promenade Gallery, Tokyo, Japan)

           From Korea to Japan (Chuwa Gallery, Tokyo, Japan)

2001-  Exhibition of Korean Painting Group

2000   Korean Ink Painting, The Present of the  New Millennium

           (Seoul Metropolitan Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea)

1999   NICAF TOKYO - Korea Festival, Special Exhibition of 9 Artists (Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo, Japan)

           Seoul Art Fair - Special Exhibition of 11 Artists (Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea)

           Korean Painting, the Past and the Present (Hanguk Art Museum, Yeongin, Korea)

           A Stroke - Undaunted and Unreserved Expression (Kongpyung Art Center, Seoul, Korea)

1998   Busan International Contemporary Art Festival-Exhibition of Korean Contemporary Art (Busan Metropolitan Museum of Art, Busan,


           Korean Painting at the Turning Point - Introspection & Consciousness (Kongpyung Art Center, Seoul, Korea)

1996-  The Spirit of Painting Group

Selected Awards

1993   The 16th Joongang Grand Art Exhibition ‘Grand Prize' (The Joong-ang Newspaper Co., Rep. of Korea)

1999   Selected an Excellent Artist Competition for Globalism

           (The Galleries Association of Korea & Ministry of Culture & Tourism. Rep. of Korea)

2002   Residency of Changdong Art Studio

           (Ministry of Culture & Tourism, National Museum of Contemporary art, Rep. of Korea)

Public Collections

The Joongang Newspaper Co., National Museum of Contemporary Art Korea-Art Bank, Korea Development Bank, Korea Yakult, Kumho Museum of Art, Wonam Foundation of Culture, The National Institute of Korean Language, Kyungpook National University Museum of Art, Daegu City, etc.


Professor of Kyungpook National University (Department of Fine Arts)

Address : Department of Fine Arts, Collage of Art, Kyungpook National University

                 Daehak-lo 80, Buk-ku, Daegu, 702-701, (Rep.of)Korea




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